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Williamstown Community and Education Centre Incorporated will be recognised for its capacity to develop, implement and deliver high quality programs and training and services from various locations, based on what the community want and need. Its key features will include:

Mission Statement

Williamstown Community and Education Centre Inc. provides family support, skill development and social activities. We deliver quality adult education programs which reflect the interests and needs of all sectors of our community. We have a strong commitment to the use of new learning technologies to improve learning outcomes for our community. Our aim to the community is that we supply affordable quality programs in a supportive comfortable environment. Information and referral services are offered as an integral part of our Centre.

Official and Legal Status

Williamstown Community and Education Centre Inc (ABN: 67 864 341 860) is:


Committee – Staff – Volunteers – May 2019

WCEC Rules- May 2019

Business and Strategic Plan – V16

WCEC – Policies Procedures Forms and Plans – V22

WCEC Emergency Management Plan 2019

Annual Report 2018


Proudly supported by Adult Learning Australia 

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